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Loch Lomond Live

Filmed LIVE from Loch Lomond Shores
at 11am throughout the summer. 

CLICK HERE to find out more about Loch Lomond Shores

Loch Lomond TV's brand new LIVE music show, 
'Loch Lomond Live'

Loch Lomond TV cannot broadcast cover songs due to licensing and copyright restrictions. However, if you are a singer or in a band with original songs, a new single or album to promote, we'd love to hear from you! CLICK HERE to apply.

"Loch Lomond live" broadcasts once per week. You can WATCH LIVE from the Loch Lomond TV and Loch Lomond Shores Facebook page, or catch up with the highlights below

Episode 2 - Clann An Drumma

Highlights - Sunday 18th July 2021

The second episode of 'Live from Loch Lomond' featured Clann An Drumma.

Clann an Drumma have been building on their own sound since the turn of the century. Originally founded by Joe Kilna MacKenzie (who sadly passed away in 2010), they have continued to bring Scottish tribal music to worldwide audiences.

The band have been rumbling their way throughout Europe and North America the past couple years but due to the Covid restrictions, all gigs and events had been cancelled. However, they made their return to the live stage at Loch Lomond Shores on Sunday 18th July 2021.


If you missed them, don't despair. The band will be back performing at Loch Lomond Shores on Sunday 25th July!

CLICK HERE to visit Clann An Drumma's website

Episode 1 - Jack James Mullen

Highlights - Friday 9th July 2021

This episode is not available due to copyright restrictions

The very first episode of 'Live from Loch Lomond' featured 15 year old Jack James Mullen, who, along with his friend Alfie J King, received the coveted 'Young Scot of the Year' award earlier this year.

Jack performed a special 45 minute set at Loch Lomond Shores featuring various songs from different genres and decades. These are the highlights from the first episode but the full live performance can be watched on the Loch Lomond Shores or Loch Lomond TV Facebook page





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