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Loch Lomond TV

Are you looking for a professional advertisement to drive sales to your business and help you stand out from the crowd?

Loch Lomond TV produces bespoke video advertising packages for businesses of all shapes and sizes to fully maximise selling potential. We offer affordable, professionally produced adverts for sole traders and new start ups, to large national and international companies. Stand out from the crowd with tailor made advertisements for your TV, radio and social media campaigns.

Potential customers are more likely to engage with videos on social media, websites and other online platforms. If you require a professionally produced advertisement for this purpose, or for TV and radio advertisements, we have the perfect package available to suit your needs and budget.


Our advertisement packages have been developed to be low cost in order to help local businesses recover from the Covid 19 pandemic. Furthermore, every business video will be listed in our new Loch Lomond business directory page. This is a brand new concept introduced by Loch Lomond TV. Who wants to read a boring text listing when you can watch the business TV advert and see exactly what that business has to offer?


we will film your business in action to give potential customers a better insight as to what you do, the

services and/or products you offer and how to find you! 


30 second video for your social media and websites - £150


 60 second video for your social media and websites - £200

Show sponsorship - £150 per month
(Advert plays before each sponsored show and includes one new 60 second advert per month)


Loch Lomond TV main sponsorship - £300 per month
(Advert plays before EVERY show and includes two new 60 second adverts per month)


All business advertisements can be used for your own website and social media campaigns and include a one year free listing in our Loch Lomond Business Directory.

We rely on business support to help fund our community TV station, so welcome all advertisements and donations. 


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